What we do

Our mission and values

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of our diverse local population and the wider geographic community through the Arts, education and entertainment. We aim to provide experiences which both entertain and challenge.

Our historic and iconic building provides a unique venue in which to meet these varied needs.

Our vision is to be a high-quality professional arts and community centre with a sustainable future and delivering a range of inclusive activities.

We promote creativity at the heart of the community.

Our Values

We provide a warm and accessible environment at the heart of the community where everyone is welcome.

We provide a very special setting for high quality entertainment and for local groups to be able to meet and where friendship and community involvement can flourish.

We seek to present a range of artistic, educational and community-based experiences from the traditional to the more creatively challenging.

And underpinning all our endeavours are our core values of:

  • fairness and equality
  • safety and support
  • inclusivity and diversity, and
  • sustainability and partnership.